Featuring yarns hand dyed/painted by Valeria or Charlie Merrell.

Hand Dyed vs. Hand Painted

Hand Dyed  refers to an outdoor process involving the use of large heated dye pots (containing large quantities of yarn) into which liquid dyes are poured in addition to, in some cases, additional chemical agents to facilitate a quality, lasting result. 

The yarn is then heated at specific temperature ranges and time lengths.  Finally, it is removed, placed in one or more rinse solutions and dried.

Hand Painted refers to a process that involves placing individual skeins of wet undyed yarn (which had been previously soaked in a solution containing specific chemical agents) onto plastic wrap on a large flat surface where dyes are subsequently placed directly on the yarn via syringes, eyedroppers or a number of other devices. 

Rubber-gloved fingers are typically used to massage the dye into/through the fiber to ensure adequate saturation.

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